Candidate Sourcing Via YouTube – A Quick Look

These days, recruiters are getting more and more innovative in order to ensure strategic sourcing of job candidates. Needless to say that they are leveraging the power of social recruiting channels such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for tapping the best possible candidates.

But, as employers have you ever thought of strategic candidate sourcing via YouTube? Well, the video sharing site can actually do wonders in terms of strategic sourcing and help you develop a great pool of candidates.

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So, how should you use YouTube for strategic sourcing? Here’s a look:

#1. Successful Sourcing

Successful candidate sourcing relies on a lot of things –your ability to find candidates in unlikely places. One of the best ways to do so via YouTube is by creating a great “sourcing honeypot”. This is one kind of a video that will appeal definitely appeal to your target audience and is designed to attract them to your YouTube channel so that it enables you to engage audiences further with additional content.

YouTube will even allow you to add links to your application process to the video and needless to say that this makes it much easier for someone to go ahead and take a next step, while your organization in fresh in their mind.

#2. Broadcasting your Company Culture

The next benefit in terms of leveraging the power of YouTube for strategic sourcing is the ability to broadcast your company culture directly. You can simply make videos and end up sharing them on YouTube. This way you can let individuals and prospective job candidates know what is your work culture and what are your employee benefits. This way you will be able to reach out to a large number of audiences and thus end up tapping some of the best candidates.

#3. Creative Hiring Campaigns

The next major benefit of strategic sourcing via YouTube is that, as an employer you can end up developing creative recruiting and hiring campaigns. Needless to say that these will be responsible for boosting your employer branding as well and thus ensure that you are able to tap the best possible candidates.

#4. Employee testimonials

Employee testimonials also turn out to be a great sourcing strategy. You can make videos of employee testimonials and upload them on company’s YouTube Channel. Employee testimonial videos can work wonders in terms of, creating a great impression about your company. Do remember to leverage the power of the same – that is employee testimonials.

Keeping in mind, the present day recruitment scenario it can be said that, YouTube must leverage the power of the same. If used properly, YouTube can end up help you tapping the best possible candidates.




Top 5 Social Recruiting Tools to Look Forward in 2017

In 2016, we watched more and more recruiters realize that to hire the candidates they wanted, they couldn’t pray for a qualified pool of inbound applicants – they had to actively seek them out.

This is where the hard work begins. To convince top candidates to respond, you have to both differentiate your content and differentiate the places you source. Get creative, and you can engage candidates before and better than other recruiters.

Candidate sourcing strategy has definitely changed over time and social media is at its peak in this case. There are several social channels by which recruiters can choose to source candidates. While the professional networking site of LinkedIn happens to be the most popular candidate sourcing tool, in 2017, one needs to explore some more new tools as well. Let’s take a look at these.

   #1. Lippl

Lippl allows you to quickly discover LinkedIn profiles that are out of your network, email addresses, and find out if your prospective candidates have anything in common with your Facebook friends.

 #2.  Facebook Marketplace

You can post a job for free in the Facebook Marketplace. The ad requires basic information such as location, job category, subcategory, title, why you need to fill this position, description and if you want to post your photo with the job posting or another image.

#3. Facebook Pages

Facebook company pages are possibly one of the best places for candidate sourcing. A lot of times, many of your followers can be up on Facebook and might follow you randomly. Needless to say that this will help you get a glimpse of the job candidates you are probably looking for. You never know, that you end up bumping into the right job candidate for the vacant position in your company.

#4. BranchOut

BranchOut is yet another great platform sourcing candidate via social media. If you haven’t leveraged it till now, it’s time that you do it. Branch out allows you to turn Facebook into LinkedIn. It overlaps company information on top of users’ Facebook interface, which allows employers to search by job title, company, or by an individual’s name! BranchOut then shows relevant candidates based on your search criteria and your connections to those candidates. Because of its use of Facebook’s API, BranchOut claims it allows access to 800 million searchable profiles.

#5. Instagram

It might come as a surprise, but this photo-sharing app can actually do wonders in terms of sourcing job candidates. You can use the platform to give a potential idea to users as to how your brand looks like and how does it feel to work for the company. You can do that by sharing photographs of your team working or celebrating an event at the organization and other such things.

From the above information it can be concluded that there are several options in social recruiting tools that can enable proper candidate sourcing. If you are an employer, and are looking for a sourcing job candidates, then you must start leveraging the power of these social platforms.