Candidate Sourcing Via YouTube – A Quick Look

These days, recruiters are getting more and more innovative in order to ensure strategic sourcing of job candidates. Needless to say that they are leveraging the power of social recruiting channels such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for tapping the best possible candidates.

But, as employers have you ever thought of strategic candidate sourcing via YouTube? Well, the video sharing site can actually do wonders in terms of strategic sourcing and help you develop a great pool of candidates.

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So, how should you use YouTube for strategic sourcing? Here’s a look:

#1. Successful Sourcing

Successful candidate sourcing relies on a lot of things –your ability to find candidates in unlikely places. One of the best ways to do so via YouTube is by creating a great “sourcing honeypot”. This is one kind of a video that will appeal definitely appeal to your target audience and is designed to attract them to your YouTube channel so that it enables you to engage audiences further with additional content.

YouTube will even allow you to add links to your application process to the video and needless to say that this makes it much easier for someone to go ahead and take a next step, while your organization in fresh in their mind.

#2. Broadcasting your Company Culture

The next benefit in terms of leveraging the power of YouTube for strategic sourcing is the ability to broadcast your company culture directly. You can simply make videos and end up sharing them on YouTube. This way you can let individuals and prospective job candidates know what is your work culture and what are your employee benefits. This way you will be able to reach out to a large number of audiences and thus end up tapping some of the best candidates.

#3. Creative Hiring Campaigns

The next major benefit of strategic sourcing via YouTube is that, as an employer you can end up developing creative recruiting and hiring campaigns. Needless to say that these will be responsible for boosting your employer branding as well and thus ensure that you are able to tap the best possible candidates.

#4. Employee testimonials

Employee testimonials also turn out to be a great sourcing strategy. You can make videos of employee testimonials and upload them on company’s YouTube Channel. Employee testimonial videos can work wonders in terms of, creating a great impression about your company. Do remember to leverage the power of the same – that is employee testimonials.

Keeping in mind, the present day recruitment scenario it can be said that, YouTube must leverage the power of the same. If used properly, YouTube can end up help you tapping the best possible candidates.




4 Major Benefits of Recruitment Software Solutions

With the evolution of technology, and intervention of the same in the domain of human resources has transformed the way recruitment is held. These days’ recruiters and employers have started resorting to helps like applicant tracking systems and recruitment software solutions in order to carry out the process of recruitment and hiring with ease.


Moreover, now with the invention of machine learning and artificial intelligence, recruitment has gone a step higher. Most of the job is being done by machines and tools like predictive analytics and workforce analytics. Needless to say that recruitment software solutions have been a great step for the world of human resources and recruitment.

Some of the major benefits of recruitment software solutions are explained in the paragraphs below:

#1. Reduced time to hire

One of the first things that a recruitment software solution does is to reduce the time to hire. It has been proven time and again that, hiring and recruiting the right job candidate is a grueling task. If an employer opts for a recruitment software solution, then not only the overall process of recruitment will be made easier for the recruiter, but also the time for hiring will be comparatively reduced.

#2. Access at all times

Unlike a professional recruiter, a recruitment system is available 24/7 at no extra cost. No matter where you are or what time it is you can access your account at stay on top of what’s going on.

This applies to anyone with access to the system, meaning that even those who are working remotely can log in and stay up to date on recent applications or developments. When recruiting from abroad, it’s similarly useful for dealing with candidates operating on a different time scale.

#3. Efficient job postings

Opting for a recruitment software solution, makes it easier for job postings for recruiters. In order to attract prospective candidates, recruiters keep looking for sites and job postings and of course other platforms in order to tap the best possible candidates. While a recruiter chooses a recruitment software solution, then things become much easier for them in terms of recruitment.

#4. Better applications

A recruitment software solution ensures that employers and recruiters are able to capture better applications in their process of hiring and recruitment. An opening for each job post requires a specific application process. So, to customize the applications according to your need, recruiting software can be used which will help you complete the application process in a more accurate manner.