With nearly 2 billion active users every month, Facebook has become the central hub for social exchange today. Needless to say that recruiters and employers are also not far behind, leveraging the power of this mammoth social media channel. However, recruiters often end up making some or the other mistakes while choosing to hire via Facebook.


There are certain ways by which recruiters can leverage the power of Facebook for recruitment. Come what may, it is a proven fact that, these days, social media does pose as a great candidate sourcing technology for recruiters and therefore allow them to hire the best possible job candidates. However, how does one do it? How does one go about making the most of Facebook as a candidate sourcing technology?

The following paragraphs take a look at the best ways to source talent via Facebook. Take a look:

#1. Test and develop the graph search strategy

Facebook’s feed, the graph search strategy is one of the best things that recruiters must leverage in order to make good candidate sourcing. Released not so long ago, the graph search strategy lets employers and recruiters find candidates inside and outside their contact list. The tool covers basic search fields like location, current employer, work and education, but can also include more advanced filters such as searching based on liked pages, groups joined, and even places checked-in.

#2. Leverage the strength of your closest connections

The easiest thing a recruiter or an employer can do is leveraging the power of the closest connections that they have on Facebook. This kind of a prioritization really works wonders for employers as it helps map the reach of your existing and extended network, showing that if a candidate is just a one friend degree away. Recruiters must then rely on sound judgment on whether to send a direct friend request, reach out to the closest mutual friend for an introduction.

#3. Connect/Reconnect with your most connected friends

Candidate sourcing technology via Facebook can be done in a better fashion if one excels connecting or reconnecting with the maximum number of connected friends. You may begin to notice that same popular friend or that particular mutual friend is connected to the candidate whom you really want to hire. Needless to say that this will make it much easier for you to tap a potential candidate.

#4. Create a compelling company page on Facebook

Another important way to reach out to potential candidates via Facebook is by creating a good and compelling FB page for your company. It is a fact that of you are looking for candidates, bet, even they are looking for good employers. Therefore, design a company page that is optimized for search and this will eventually garner a lot of ‘views’ and ‘Likes’ from people, among whom you will also find your dream candidate.

#5. Create engaging and compelling content

Content also goes a long way in the form of candidate sourcing technology. Especially if you are looking towards recruiting via a social channel like Facebook, you need to focus on the content that you create. Make sure that you end up creating compelling and shareable content that has the power to engage audiences for a longer period of time.

Understand that opting for a good candidate sourcing technology, that will help you reach out to good candidates, is not an easy task. One has to know how to go about it, implement the correct strategies and therefore tap the best possible job candidate.






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